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It's the small things...

May 12, 2024

When I was first diagnosed there were so many decisions to be made. Where to go for treatment, to participate or not participate in a clinical trial, should I get a port, how to manage work schedule with treatment days, etc. With so many decisions coming at you there is a moment when you either grasp control or become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. I remember the moment I grasped control and started to feel more in control of the chaos. I made an intentional decision to remain joyful, to do my best to not allow the treatments to diminish my joy.

One of my favorite ways to share joy is wearing Hawaiian shirts. I do so to honor my mentor in ministry and friend Rev. George Reese. He loved Hawaii and would wear a Hawaiian shirt when preaching during the summer time. So I decided every time I go for treatment I would wear a Hawaiian shirt. On my first treatment day I wore one of my favorite colorful Hawaiian shirts. I received a few comments from the staff, people liked the shirt. When I met with my Oncologist, Dr Letzer, he liked the shirt as well. And I shared with him that I will be wearing one every time I come over for treatment. Dr Letzer mentioned that he would have to check his closet for his Tommy Bahama shirt.

Fast forward a week and I once again wore a flowered Hawaiian shirt, and yes, Dr. Letzer took the time to do the same.

What a moment of joy! Thank you Dr. Letzer.

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May 14

Love the smile on your face! What a great doctor you have! (Madison says HI to "Crazy Gene"!) Your Chi-Rho kiddos are praying for you 💗

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