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Cards and more!

Friday, May 17.

Since being diagnosed on April 5th I have received numerous text messages, emails, phone calls and a plethora of cards. At times it is a bit overwhelming. I feel so blessed to have so many people surrounding me, caring about me, thinking of me, taking the time to reach out with support and encouragement. Because each card represents a real person in my life I wanted to find a way to keep the cards an active part of this journey. They are a constant reminder of the love that is present in my life. They are a source of encouragement every day. So I build a wall, well the wall was already built, I am just decorating it with the cards I receive on a regular basis. This wall is the last thing I see when I leave the house for the day and the first thing I see when I return. It is a beautiful reminder that I do not travel this path alone, but with countless others who bring me strength. I present to you the wall of encouragement!

I am blessed beyond measure.

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