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Who Am I? Mark 8: 27-29

During the Advent Season, I will be sharing devotionals on the Narrative Lectionary texts. We begin with Jesus' asking the disciples who they think Jesus is?

As we think about the hope of Advent, I think this question is a great place for us to start. If we believe that Jesus is God made flesh, the Messiah, then I think it is imperative for us to truly understand what that means for us and for our faith. Jesus is asking his followers, who am I to you? I think Jesus still asks us that question, "Who am I to you?"

As we spend the next month busily preparing for Christmas and the mayhem that the celebration has become, I hope we also consider who Jesus is to us, the role Jesus has in our lives, and why we spend all this time preparing to celebrate his birth without really thinking about who we believe him to be. Who is Jesus to you? And how would you celebrate differently if you focused on that instead of the chaos we have created?

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