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Scan Results

June 7,2024

Yesterday, Thursday, June 6th I had my first PET and CT scans since treatment started. Scans, or the scan results, are always a bit anxiety ridden. Law dictates that your medical information is available to you as soon as possible. So quite often any lab work, tests results, etc. will show up in the MyChart app before the Dr has a chance to call or meet to talk about them. I am always a bit hesitant to look at test results, especially scans without the benefit of professional medical interpretation of the information.

My PET scan was done from 7am-9am and my CT scan was done from about 10am to 11am. By the time I was leaving my CT scan, I received a notification in my MyChart app that new test results were available. So... do I look, or do I wait? What would you do?

I looked. The first line on the PET scan is entitled Impression

  1. The above findings are consistent with favorable response to treatment. Significant interval decrease in FDG activity as well as size of both left axillary (arm pit) and mesenteric nodal (stomach area) masses.

The lymph node in my arm pit originally measured 24mm x 23mm now measures 13mm x 6mm. The mass in my stomach area originally measured 5.4cm x 4.1cm now measures 3.3cm x 2.0cm.

The CT scan results Impression: Decreased size of the target left axillary and central mesenteric lesions. No evidence of new or progressive disease.

Today I talked with Madi, research nurse extraordinaire, and her words about the results: "Your test results are amazing! Using the numbers we use to evaluate we consider this a full response to the treatment. Have a great weekend!"

I have to say, her words made my eyes leak a bit.

God is good! All the time! Thank you all for the support, cards, phone calls, prayers, and for joining me on the journey in kicking cancer's arse. Together we fight, together we win.

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