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Finding Your Center

July 7, 2024

          I realized today on the drive down, I have been directing Chi Rho Camp more years than I can remember.  I think this year makes year 9.  Earlier in the year, after my diagnosis, I wasn’t sure where I would be from a health perspective so it was uncertain if I would have the energy or even feel physically able to do what is needed to be the Director for a week at Chi Rho Camp.  For those that don’t know, Chi Rho Camp is a week at Camp Christian for Junior High aged young adults.  The days are packed full of activities.  Each day starts with morning prayers, breakfast, Quest groups (this year we are learning about Jesus), lunch, free-time, dinner, evening prayers, recreation (yay!).  It is a busy schedule and a busy week.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit anxious about the amount of energy it takes.

          However, I have the best team of Assistant Directors, Cindy Stevens, Lisa Thaxton and Rev. Terry Bartlett.  And a group of counselors who are top notch.  Each and everyone of them has one purpose for the week, to make the love of God real to each and every camper here.  This week is about finding that center.  Re-focusing on what matters and what in the long run doesn’t.  For many this place is sacred.  The grounds, the buildings, the space hold special memories.  So many people have come thru this place as a camper, a counselor, an Assistant Director, a staff member, and/or a Director.  I myself came to these sacred grounds as a Junior High Chi Rho Camper, then thru high school and then as a counselor and an AD for Rev. Larry Pigg and now as a Director.  I have learned along this journey.  The place we call Camp Christian, the grounds, the green Adirondack chairs, the Vespers spot deep in the woods, all the physical things that make the camp ground Camp Christian may be considered Holy and Sacred.  But I find my center when I am with the people who come here to find their center as well.  We come here to reconnect with one another and with the God who makes us family.  We can be apart for days, months, even years and when we come back together something sacred, something Holy is among us.

          I am so thankful for this week and to be with all these people in whom I see the love of God at work in all they do.  I am thankful for 41 Chi Rho Campers in whom I see the love of God just looking for a place to make itself evident.  Yes, Junior High school kids have a lot to teach us about the love of God.  It’s going to be a great week.

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